Global Missions

Hillsboro is honored to partner with evangelists, churches, and ministries across the world that work tirelessly every day to bring the good news of Christ and God’s love to the communities they serve. Please continue reading below to learn more about Hillsboro’s global missions partners.

Interested in learning more about Global Missions at Hillsboro? Contact Henry Huffard.

The African Christian Schools Foundation (ACSF) has served churches in Nigeria and beyond for over 60 years. With their focus on training evangelists and church leaders, ACSF has produced graduates who’ve been instrumental in the phenomenal growth and strength of the church in Nigeria. Through their schools, Nigerian Christian Bible College and West Nigeria Christian College, ACSF continues to search for more ways to reach the communities of urban and rural Africa. The schools are a unifying force for church leaders through a variety of resources such as annual preachers’ forums, annual lecture series, and long-distance learning and training programs.

To learn more, contact Bruce Church.


Campamento Bellevue in Tabacundo, Ecuador, hosts children’s camps, conferences, retreats, and many short term mission team projects. The current directors, Rusty and Laura Campbell, partner with Ecuadorian and American churches to provide these activities. They also use the facility to support their local community by providing after school care during weeks when the camp is not in session. The Campbells previously served in Japan and Portugal.

To learn more, contact Nathan and Amy Hall.


Guillermo and Syndi Racines minister to the local church in Tabacundo, Ecuador, and they partner with the Campbells in the work at Campamento Bellevue. They take special care to make personal visits to families whose children are enrolled in the camp’s after school program. The Racines are also active in church-planting in the surrounding communities.

To learn more, contact Brian and Claudia Forrester.


Kennedy and Victoria Osei-Hwedie minister to churches in the Kumasi area of Ghana. Kennedy attended Hillsboro while earning his Masters degree in Counseling. When he returned to Ghana, he put his education to good use by operating a counseling service, planting churches, training church leaders, and more recently, beginning a Christian school. Kennedy is a highly respected church leader in Ghana who continues to use his gifts effectively.

To learn more, contact John and Juliet Muhire.


Grace Divine School teaches and serves 100 children in the village of Cadouche, Haiti. Grace Divine provides school supplies, uniforms, and meals for its students and encourages practical life skills. In addition to academic courses, Grace Divine fosters a life of faith, focused on the love of God.

To learn more, contact Kevin Bowen.


Leopoldo and Griselda Villacorta serve a growing church in Mateo, Honduras, which lies on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa. The Villacortas, the church, and partnering short term mission groups show the love of Christ by caring for the needs of people in the surrounding community through a variety of specialized ministries. Mateo is a church that plants other churches and nurtures them to maturity.

To learn more, contact Ethan and Carla Huffard.


MedRim Missions is a team of families and individuals who are preparing to join God’s work among Muslims and refugees around the Mediterranean. Their vision is to see a Spirit-led movement of disciples who make disciples among multiple people groups. As a team, they have determined their role to be catalysts, who identify and disciple existing community leaders and then encourage and support those leaders to be the main Christian influences in their own communities.

To learn more, contact Tim and Thea Baur.


In his early years, Uyai (Oo-yigh) Sunday Joshua served as Henry Huffard’s interpreter on Sundays. Now, after earning a graduate degree in Biblical Studies, he teaches at Nigerian Christian Bible College, conducts World Bible School seminars, leads student evangelistic campaigns, and preaches a great number of gospel meetings every year. All these activities touch hearts and result in many coming to the Lord.

World Bible School (WBS) provides free Bible courses for people across the world. WBS students learn at their own pace and can access courses on the website, by email, and by postal mail. WBS courses are offered in a variety of languages, and each WBS student is partnered with a study helper to answer questions, provide feedback, and be a prayer partner.


Chris Burke wears many hats as he strives to expand the kingdom of God in South Africa. On Sundays, he mentors leaders of the Hilltop congregation in Johannesburg. This growing congregation has an impressive staff and group of leaders. On some weekdays, he teaches at South Africa Bible College, where many future preachers and church leaders are trained. He is often called upon to speak at various conferences and lectureships, and he is always ready to share Christ with those who are seeking the truth.

To learn more, contact Sam and Carissa Tripp.


The church in Ivano-Frankivsk worships in and serves their community daily using rented rooms in the heart of the city. The church has gained considerable respect through humanitarian aid and health-related projects. Land was given to the church by a community in I-F that received aid. Men of the congregation are helping to build a facility on the property that will increase their ability to serve the needs of the community. It will have its own stop on one of the city’s bus lines. Ivan and Sveta Skoleba minister through the church and have provided much of the leadership to move the church to this stage. Their dream is to fill the new facility with new converts.

To learn more, contact Ron Swang.


Vitaly and Lera Samodin are the directors of the Ukrainian Education Center in Kiev. The Center is situated near institutions of higher learning and serves young adults. Classes are offered on various subjects and study aids are provided in pleasant surroundings. Vitaly is currently spearheading renovations and a transition to better ways of reaching out to those who use the Center.


Henry Huffard

Henry Huffard

Missions Minister