Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Hillsboro ministries focus on 5 key areas that encourage opportunities to grow in Christ and to share the good news of Christ with others.

Engaging in Worship

Hillsboro encourages everyone to focus fully on worshiping the Lord by engaging in collective worship times. Worship leaders strive to design creative, diverse, and relevant worship experiences with vibrant praise, time in the Word, and focus during communion. During worship, Hillsboro’s Family and guests are welcomed, loved, uplifted, and fed by the Spirit-filled worship.

Engaging the Word

Hillsboro encourages each individual to be fed continually by the Word during his/her spiritual journey. Regular avenues and resources are provided for in-depth personal study, small group study, family study, and practical applications.

Engaging Families

Hillsboro encourages a Christ-centered family relationship by investing in Marriage Ministry, Family Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Men’s Ministry, and Women’s Ministry, which all support spiritual and relational growth. The Hillsboro Family, guests, and the larger Nashville community are invited to participate in any ministries and events offered at Hillsboro.

Engaging In Community

With the Hillsboro Family

Hillsboro encourages relationships within the Church Family that allow people to share life together on a deeper level. The Hillsboro Family is invited to join a variety of ministries that foster relationships in a small-group setting, which build spiritually healthy personal relationships, mutual accountability, and focus outside the self. Intergenerational relationships are also nurtured at Hillsboro in order to have a cohesive and unified Church Family.

With the Community

Hillsboro encourages everyone to be active with Hillsboro ministries and local missions partners that reach out to the community and open the door to share Christ. A variety of weekly and yearly opportunities provide the Hillsboro Family ways to use their respective God-given gifts to serve their community. Hillsboro also aims to support its immediate neighbors with yearly community events and frequent ministry opportunities.

Engaging our World

Hillsboro encourages everyone to initiate, participate in, and support intentional efforts to share the good news of Christ throughout the world. Several global missions partners are a part of the Hillsboro Family, and regular communication and interaction with the global missions partners is encouraged.