WinShape Retreat

September 11-13, 2020

(Tentative Date. Please check back for COVID-19 updates.)

Every marriage needs a time when couples can get away for a weekend to refocus, renew, and restore. For the past 14 years, Hillsboro couples have been attending retreats at beautiful WinShape Retreat in Mt. Berry, GA. This year, Hillsboro has selected the Romantic Adventure in November. Take time for just you two with this exciting retreat for couples who want to increase their passion and have a blast doing it! WinShape Retreat is a great way to forget routine for a couple of days and have some fun with your spouse! From special meals in the Great Hall to outdoor activities, the Romantic Adventure offers couples unique ways to enjoy time with each other and God, while enlarging their vision for how thrilling and fulfilling Christian marriage can really be!

First-time attendees are eligible for a 50% discount and should register through Hillsboro. For those who have attended before, register directly with WinShape by calling 877.977.3873, and indicate that you are part of the Hillsboro group.

Questions about participating in one of Hillsboro’s Retreats @ WinShape? Contact John Conger.