At the beginning of Spring Break, 412Missions departs for Tegucigalpa, Honduras, for a week-long mission effort supporting the Mateo Church of Christ and the community that surrounds it. The missions team reaches out to the impoverished people of that community, helping families and individuals with the most basic of needs. With a focus on construction, the missions team attempts to build 15 houses for families in need. The missions team is responsible for funding and constructing the structures that will house these families for years to come. The team also has the opportunity to worship and interact with the Church in Mateo, develop relationships with each other, and share the love of Christ.

412Missions stays at Villa Gracia, a mission retreat in high in the mountains surrounding the capital city of Tegucigalpa. Villa Gracia provides a secure, safe base of operations during the week, and the opportunity to come together as a team during down time. Most meals are at Villa Gracia, but there will be opportunities for the team to go into the city for meals, shopping, and cultural experiences. Above all, 412Missions is there to serve and to show Christ’s love in all that we do.

Please prayerfully consider the many opportunities available to you during Spring Break. This trip is not for everybody; it’s an ambitious undertaking to build 15 houses in 5 days. And while rewarding and life changing, the work is often strenuous and tiring. 412Missions asks you to commit to a preparation schedule that will help ready the team for the work in Honduras, and also asks you to help with fundraising efforts for yourself and the team. This trip is a significant commitment emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 412Missions encourages you to pray for guidance and direction for God to use you in a positive way somewhere this year.