Wednesday Night Women's Bible Class

Toward Him: Lessons from Women of the Bible | Krista Bowen, Hope Nordstrom & Friends. 

Spring and Fall 2019

Join us for an exploration of life lessons from women of the Bible in a close textual study. Through the stories of Eve, Hannah, Deborah, Jael, Mary & Martha, and others, we'll dive into the text to help us discuss topics such as courage, patience, anxiety, freedom in Christ, and more. Don't miss these lessons by Krista Bowen, Hope Nordstrom, Lauren Castles, Sophia Birdwell, Rachel Gould, Jenny Simmons, Carissa Tripp, and friends.  

Our goal is for everyone who wants to attend our Wednesday Night Bible Class to be able to attend class. Therefore, we are offering the same class twice in 2019 because we're really passionate about the time we get to study God's Word as sisters in Christ. 

Ministry Partners

We love that many different ministries partner on Wednesday Nights at Hillsboro, and during this special circumstance, we want to be mindful of all the commitments to our Wednesday Night ministries. We also want to encourage all of those who join us on Wednesdays to be aware of the different volunteer opportunities that are available on Wednesday nights. 

Therefore, if you typically volunteer in our Children's Ministry in the Spring, we hope you make plans join us in class in the Fall. If you'd like to attend class in the Spring, we ask that you consider volunteering in our Children's Ministry in the Fall. 

And if you don't typically volunteer in our Children's Ministry, we ask that you consider this unqiue opportunity to not only support the children of Hillsboro, but the women of Hillsboro as well, and sign up to be a teacher or helper in Spring or Fall 2019.

Also, we would like to invite our FriendSpeak volunteers and their partners to consider joining us! FriendSpeak volunteers, please feel free to discuss this opportunity with your FriendSpeak partner to see if this class would be of interest to both of you.

Thank you for all the time you devote to each of our ministries at Hillsboro!