The Pathfinders Children's Ministry is an education program designed for students in grades 1-6.  In this program, children learn stories from the Bible using a variety of learning styles such as Storytelling, Art, Drama, Geography, Activities and Music/Memory. Throughout each six week series, each student will hear the same story while engaging in different activities that are designed to reinforce and provide a deeper understanding of God's story. 

The Pathfinder program takes place every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM and on Wednesday evenings at 6:45 PM. 


What kinds of activities do the children participate in?

The children will participate in a variety of activities that are designed to reinforce the Bible story being taught. There are six different activities, or workshops, that the children will participate in during the six-week session. They include:


This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the Bible story, a time for the children to study on their own and bring all the components of the story together.


In this workshop, children will learn about the Bible Lands and gain a deeper understanding of the culture, the geography and where this lesson took place in the “bigger” picture of the Bible.


In the Art workshop, children will engage in the story through various artistic mediums such as painting, pottery, cooking or even sculpture. Art projects will help the children retain certain aspects of the story and engage their creative skills.


Drama allows a child to “act out” a story from the Bible, bringing the story to life. By dressing up as a character from the story or through puppets, the children are able to immerse themselves into the story and identify with the characters. Each week, parents will be invited to the Drama room to watch their child play a part in the story.


This workshop uses music to teach lessons and reinforce key Bible concepts. Children will use music and memory techniques to retain their knowledge of the story while learning new songs.


Using various activities and games, the children will reinforce their learning and retain Biblical knowledge, all while learning new activities.

Why use these different workshops?

Through these various, hands-on learning methods, children will engage and explore on a deeper level the Bible stories. Research has shown that all children learn differently, and when they use a variety of learning techniques, they retain and integrate the knowledge better. The goal of the program is to allow the children to learn and integrate the Biblical concepts into their memory and heart, for a lifelong journey with Christ.

Why do the children go to a different room each week?

Each of the classrooms has been set up to help the teachers present their workshop in an effective and engaging manner. Children will rotate through the different classrooms during the six-week schedule, exposing them to a variety of sights and sounds.

How do the children know where to go each week?

Children are assigned a color depending on their grade each year. Colored flags that match the child’s group color will be hung outside the door to their assigned room. There will also be a staffed Welcome Center to help guests get acquainted and guide children to the correct room.

Who are the Guides?

The Guides are Pathfinder volunteers that greet the children each week and spend time with them before class begins. The Guides stay with their group of children each week, providing security, continuity and guidance. Their role is to get to know the children on a deeper level, providing them a familiar face each week and learning the child’s individual emotional and physical needs. Guides also work with the teachers, providing assistance with activities and further understanding of the Bible story.

When does the Pathfinder’s program meet?

Children will meet each Sunday morning at 9:00am and Wednesday nights at 7:15. The children will go through two, six-week sessions and then participate in a “Celebration Sunday” during the 13th week.

How can I get involved in the program?

We encourage everyone to participate in the education of our children. Each person has been given unique talents and gifts to share that we feel can provide an opportunity for our children to grow in the love of Christ. There are several opportunities to serve with training provided for each.

Teachers – Commit to teaching two, six-week lessons in one of the workshops. New groups of children will rotate to your class on a regular basis, however, the lesson you teach would be the same each time (with age appropriate adjustments of course). Your choice of which workshop you teach would be based on your unique talents, gifts and desires.

Guides – Guides meet each week with the same group of children. You and a partner will assist parents, lead the children in prayers and activities prior to the lesson and help the children make the connection between the Bible story and their activities. You will provide a consistent presence for the children and get to know them on a personal level.

Welcome Center Greeters – Help the children and parents find the right classrooms, provide assistance to the Guides and open and close classrooms each week. You are the “first impression” of the program and will make guest feel welcome and secure.