Packing List

All personal effects MUST be packed in ONE checked bag (weighing less than 50 lbs.) and ONE TSA approved carry-on (backpack).  Please familiarize yourself with TSA recommendations and guidelines prior to packing both checked and carry-on bags.

Clothing / MIsc.

  • Work Gloves
  • Work Shoes - closed toes, sturdy
  • Work Clothes (x 5 days) - shorts and tees that you don't mind getting dirty, ruined and possible leave behind
  • Lt. Jacket / Sweatshirt - It WILL get chilly at night
  • Hat / Bandanna - to cover up with during the day
  • Sunglasses - for (1) brightness in the sun and (2) eye protection when working
  • Church / Going Out Clothes - nicer clothes to wear to church and when we go out into town for dinner; long pants and collared shirts for men; long skirts or pants and modest tops for women.
  • Optional: Bedding - sheets, pillows and blankets are provided, but if you have particular needs, feel free to pack your own bedding materials

Meds / Toiletries

  • Motion sickness medicine - for airplane or bus travel (as needed)
  • Kaopectate / Immodium - anything you might need to make it start or stop
  • Cortizone Cream - for bug bites or scratches
  • Prescription Meds - must be in original bottle with YOUR name on it to get through customs
  • Pain Meds - for aches and pains; Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.
  • Pepto Bismol tablets - to take before meals
  • Fiber Pills
  • Soap, shampoo, other personal toiletries
  • Shower shoes
  • Feminine products
  • Toilet paper - travel size for use in the field
  • Prescription glasses / contacts - backup vision correction just in case
  • Optional: Towels - towels are provided, but if you need something specific, feel free to pack your own towels and/or washcloths

Gear / Misc.

  • Bible, Journal, Pen
  • Mission Manual - provided prior to departure
  • Passport - in a secure, dry covering
  • Water bottles - 1.5 liter for use in the field
  • Camera - in a protective bag
  • Small flashlight - with extra batteries
  • Backpack - for daily personal use to carry lunch, supplies, etc.
  • Snacks / Lunch - for 5 days in the field
  • Powdered drink mix - to mix with water in the field or during evenings
  • Large garbage bags - to carry in the field for team trash
  • Hand sanitizer - wet wipes AND liquid
  • Insect repellent spray - not cream or lotion
  • Sun block & lip balm - high SPF, mandatory for all team members