Medical Info

As you travel to other countries, it is important that you have the proper immunizations against diseases that you might not experience here. Here are some guidelines from the CDC regarding the immunizations that you will need tp travel to Honduras:
  • Tetanus Toxoid – If you have not had one in 5 years
  • Hepatitis A (Harvix)* – #1 & #2 within 6 – 12 months
  • Hepatitis B – #1, #2 & #3
  • Typhoid Booster – Injectable vaccine in the last 2 years or the oral vaccine in the last 5 years
  • Malaria – Prior to departure (check with your doctor)
These immunizations are generally available at Student Health, your family doctor, or a Travel Medical office. DO THIS EARLY. The Hepatitis shots are given in stages, so you shouldn’t wait unitl just prior to the trip. For these to be effective, they should be well established in your system.

If you have precription medicines that you take regularly, be sure that you have current, valid prescriptions with enough medication to last you for at least 2 weeks. All medications must be in their original packaging, so don’t dump them all in one bottle or baggie. We’ll ask prior to a departure for a comprehensive list of medications both for our Nurse and our health records (notes from doctors never hurt, either).  If you have special conditions or needs that we need to know about, go ahead and let us know early.

NOTE: We also REQUIRE that you bring a broad spectrum antibiotic with you (Ciproflaxin or equivalent) to use if needed during the trip. Ask your doctor for more information and recommendations.

Check your medical insurance coverage to see what is covered and what isn’t while you’re out of the country. We will have a trip policy that will cover emergency evacuation and emergency services during our trip. However, we do recommend that you know any limitations or special conditions of your own insurance. See Ryan or Stan if you have any questions about your coverage.