Each student can send letters and/or emails to family and friends, make phone calls, use gifts such as birthday or Christmas or pay out of pocket. We also encourage you to send them to this website to see the preparations being made and let them be a part of the process.
However, we encourage you to share the purpose of this mission and your personal reasons for going to as many people as possible, whether you’re raising funds or not. Ask that they keep you and this trip in their prayers. Send updates during our preparations and send a personal account when you return.
While this trip will specifically help a small community in Honduras, we feel that the spirit of this trip and the purpose of it can capture the hearts of countless others.


Any money raised by the team will be used to lower the overall cost of your tripTeam fundraising will be student driven and will benefit each individual that participates.
We do ask that all fundraising efforts be done outside of the congregation at Hillsboro. Last year our congregation, through our Adult and Children’s programs, raised a large portion of the $18,000 needed to build our houses, and we will be asking again for their support this year. We don’t want to “double dip” and repeatedly ask for support from the same people.


Your Team Leaders will also be exploring other ways to raise money from community and civic groups, foundations, and other activities. From time to time we may need your assistance to speak or attend functions that will help with this process. Your willingness to help will greatly aid our efforts over the next several months.


The main concern that most people have about being a part of one of our mission teams is how they will be able to afford it. This year, $1500 is needed per person in order to participate in a trip, and at first glance this might seem like a great deal of money. However, this cost covers everything including airfare, housing, food, transportation, and supplies and materials needed for various work projects. Nevertheless, it is still a lot of money that most of us don’t have. 

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