Our Vision

We desire to be a Christ-centered church: impacting the families in our care, the community within which we live and the world we’re called to love.

Our Mission

Living to Share the Good News

Hillsboro will focus on these key areas as we seek to live out our mission. These points of focus are designed to facilitate opportunities to help everyone grow in Christ – and to facilitate opportunities to share Christ with others. These will guide our ministry efforts and will serve as the core filters by which ministry plans are made.

Engaging in Worship

With the focus fully on Worshipping our Lord – Participate in worship environments where both guests and members feel welcomed, loved, uplifted and spiritually fed by the Spirit filled worship in which they are participating.

  • To have every person fully engaged and participating in the collective worship times – coming with our Hearts fully focused on Worshiping 
  • To create welcoming, creative, diverse and relevant worship experiences with vibrant praise/singing, time in the Word and focus around the table – all to enable the worshiping of our Lord.

Engaging the Word

To have each individual make continual progress in his/her spiritual growth journey – being fed by the Word:

  • To have every member invest in growing closer to God through at least one hour of personal or small group Bible study each week.
  • To create opportunities to increase practical Biblical Literacy and Apologetics
  • To provide avenues and resources for the following
    • In-depth Bible study opportunities, 
    • Practical Life application studies/discussions 
    • Personal/family study.

Engaging Families

To promote, support and foster the Christ-centered Family relationship, which is a blessing from God and desperately needed in today’s world.  

  • Increased investment in Marriage and Family ministry efforts - Become known as The Place for family focused ministry by providing resources to help restore, support, and strengthen families.
  • Continued Investment in new and sustained efforts to provide the best Children’s Ministry opportunities and Youth Ministry Opportunities to Hillsboro Families, guests and the community.
  • Develop and grow comprehensive and relevant Men’s and Women’s ministries to support the spiritual & relational growth of our members and to reach others in our community. 

Engaging In Community

With Each Other… Building our Internal Community

To promote relationships within the Hillsboro Church Family where members have the opportunity to share life together on a deeper basis.

  • To have each member involved with one or more of Hillsboro’s Small Group Ministries (ie. Mentoring Programs, Visitation Groups, Brother’s Keeper, Sunday Night Life Group, Sunday Classes, etc.)
  • To encourage and foster spiritually healthy personal relationships that are submissive to Christ and submissive/accountable to each other – others centered.
  • Provide enhanced opportunities for intergenerational and all-church gatherings/ service
  • Intentional efforts to welcome visitors to our services and quickly seek to engage them in one of the small group settings

With the Community…Nashville and our Local Communities

To become known as a Body of Believers having a definite and felt Christ-like impact on the community in which we live – opening the door to share Christ.

  • Equip and engage each member in at least one intentional act of service each week in his/her home community, at work, school and/or in the community surrounding Hillsboro.
  • Provide consistent and dynamic community service opportunities (i.e. Day in the City, Worship as Service Days, Friend Speak, Inner City Ministry, TPOM, etc...)
  • Become a recognized resource for the local community by providing opportunities where Hillsboro members can utilize their giftedness to serve the people of Nashville (job counseling, auto care, carpentry/house repair, legal assistance, financial counseling, tutoring, etc.)
  • Seek to identify, plan and begin efforts to grow Hillsboro’s geographical reach and community impact in Nashville – possibly through a church partnership (plant) 

Engaging our World

To continue to initiate, participate in and support intentional efforts to share the Gospel through-out the world – as the “mission field begins at our door.”

  1. Engage each member every year in at least one area of support, prayer and/or direct involvement in local and/or world-wide evangelism and cause work.
  2. Seek to equip every interested and willing member to actively participate in domestic and foreign missions and evangelistic efforts if they are able.