Class Schedule

Sunday Mornings  @  9:00 

Rooms 101-106

Children 2 years - 4th Grade
Rooms 204-218

5th Grade
Room B-4

Youth Group 6th - 12th Grade
Youth Center

4:12 University Class
Room B-1

Oasis Class
Stan Lowery & Mark McInteer | Room B-3

Young Couples
Henry Huffard | Room 220

Faithful Followers / 20s
David Buffington | Room 219

Friends in Faith / 20s-30s 
Philip Hutcheson | Room 221

Family Experience (FX) / 30s-40s
Andy McQueen & Nathan Hall | Room 222

Firm Foundation / 40s-50s
Randall Pardue | W Fellowship Hall

Halftimers / 50s-60s
Kevin Rachel | N Fellowship Hall

Mid-Lifers / 60s-70s
David Davidson | E Fellowship Hall

Chapel Class / Intergenerational
Matthew Morrison | Chapel

Faithful Parents / Hillsboro@Home
Room 201 | Meets 3rd Sunday of the Month

Wednesday Nights @ 6:45

The Armor of God – Jenny Simmons (Women’s Class) – (Room 221)
—Study through Ephesians 6

A Man I’ll Never Be – Mark McInteer and John Conger (Men’s Class) – (Room 219)
—Study of the roles of men at work and in the home

Worship Workshop – Joey Tipton – (Room B-3; i.e., the “tan” room)
—This is going to be a workshop style class where we are learning new songs, learning old songs, and singing through favorite hymns as well. 
—Anyone who loves to sing and/or wants to improve their singing is welcome to attend.

Book of Hebrews – Randall Pardue and A.M. Burton – (Chapel)
—A comprehensive, chapter-by- chapter study of the book of Hebrews
—The class will study and discuss intent and meaning of the text in its original setting as well as practical application for today.

Forerunners –Sam Marshall, Zeb Macer, and Mark McInteer – (Library)
—This class is intended for teachers of our Sunday morning adult classes.
—The purpose of the class is to enrich those teacher’s lesson preparation by working through and discussing the material to be covered in the upcoming Sunday morning adult classes.